#1 We are passionate about fashion. We are conscious of its influence on our world. Fair fashion, ethical fashion, brands made in love. You name it. Who said we can’t be stylish and mindful at the same time?

#2 We embark on adventures: on exotic landmarks and on our daily routines. Because curiosity is our motor and our motto. Let’s get wild!

#3 We don’t sleep on our dreams, we wake up and tackle them like rockstars. We own our decisions. We. Are. Ready.

#4 We marvel at the imperfect beauty of nature, clothes, personalities, food, cultures.

#5 Love is our compass: we do what we love, we surround ourselves with who we love. We are love.

#6 We are little-freak-nerd collectors of experiences. We live Here and Now.

#7 We are a voice. We are daring. We are authentic. We are confident. We are magic.