Wild Style Story is a space for style inspiration, a ride through the stories of the creative hearts and souls behind fashion, life and travel.

I will share with you an authentic, loving and curious perspective of my favourite stories of rocking fashion, empowering spirits, life adventures and exciting daily discoveries.

Curious about what you’ll find here? I’ll bring to you curated and original content such as fashion interviews, style ideas, motivating enterpreneur stories, travel guides, life tips and tricks and a lot more on this road towards feeling inspired.

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The Story Behind Wild Style Story

Wild Style Story started in February 2016 after a long love story with fashion and writing. I have lived in Barcelona and Melbourne, and I’m currently driving this boat from Paris. While I was living in Australia, I started cultivating the idea of starting my own fashion blog, having always been seduced by style, people, travelling and writing. I also had the dream of gathering a community of like-minded gals and meeting new and inspiring people (expats will know what I mean).

So here we are now!

My professional background is in film and marketing, but I have never been able to keep my head off anything related to fashion. Therefore, I am currently working to make this dream come true. I am discovering who I am and where I want to go. I am realising what makes me happy and making more of it. I have learned few things along the way, and I want to share them with you.

As you’ll see, I am also a traveller at heart, and I am afraid that also a nomad (or maybe still not ready to settle). I support a conscious approach to fashion, supporting smaller brands or those working with an eco and social responsible approach. I LOVE the stories behind the brands, the people who created them, their motivations and their voices.

I hope Wild Style Story brings you some inspiration and motivation to follow your dreams and passions. To realise you’re worth it and you have the power to create your path. To tune your own style voice. To be seduced to travel and experience. To life fully and deeply.

I could not be more excited!